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Astrology Dice Divination Guide [Updated: 1/26/23]

Welcome to the intriguing world of astrology dice!

In this guide we will outline the basics of how to use the dice, what kinds of questions you can ask, and how to interpret the symbols in the context of your questions. [This page will be updated from time to time as I refine my understanding of how to better use and explain the dice.]

How to Ask Questions: Good divination starts with asking the proper kind of question for the method you’re using. These dice are relatively simple; they can only give you 12×12×12 possible answers. [Compare this to a three card tarot spread, which has 72×71×70 possible answers if using a standard deck]. So, start off by testing simple questions at first! You can always get more complex as you get to know the dice.

What Makes a Good Question?: The best questions will be specific, timely, and immediately relevant to the life of the person asking. Try to ask about yourself and things relevant to your own life rather than asking about other people’s lives (unless of course the other person is with you, or asking about themselves). Questions around choices are often a good bet, such as in the format of “if I do [X], will I feel [Y]?”

Examples of Good Questions:

  • If I go to the party, will I have a good time?
  • Why am I having a hard time talking to my friend lately?
  • There’s a musical happening at my local theater. If I try out, will I get the part? Click here to see a sample answer.
  • If I accept this job offer, will I be bored at the new workplace?
  • I keep seeing people dye their hair this trendy new color. Would I like it on myself?
  • Would I be more satisfied if I started learning how to play piano?

Examples of Iffy Questions (too broad, too vague, or just not right for the dice):

  • Will I ever get married?
  • Would my friend be happier doing a different job?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Does my partner love me?
  • Will I ever find my purpose?
  • What’s the deal with airline food?

About the Dice: Your set contains three different 12-sided die: one with the symbols of the 12 core astrological planets/points, one with the 12 zodiac signs, and one simply numbered 1-12 to represent the 12 astrological houses.

How to Read the Symbols: If all the world’s a stage, Planets are the Actors in the show, Zodiac Signs are the Roles/Costumes they take on, and Houses are the Stage/Setting upon which they perform. So, read the dice response as [Planet A] in [Sign B] in [House C].

The Planets and their Symbols:

  • ☉ = Sun (the spirit, ego, personality, purpose, life direction, consciousness, authority, individuality, control, ambition, radiance, tyranny, dominance)
  • ☽ = Moon (the mind, habits, comfort, moods, intuition, instinct, the body, desires, drives, emotions, feelings, cravings, needs, history, wilderness)
  • ☿ = Mercury (the intellect, logic, facts, figures, words, numbers, data, paper, sales, collecting, speech, information, communication, messages, medicine)
  • ♀︎ = Venus (art, beauty, love, harmony, aesthetics, equality, fairness, vanity, jealousy, Mean Girls, muses, social dynamics, marriage, contracts)
  • ♂ = Mars (energy, ambition, passion, drive, protection, willpower, force, anger, war, fire, burns, blood, bruises, cuts, knives, excess heat, cooking)
  • ♃ = Jupiter (positivity, abundance, addition, growth, surplus, extravagance, morality, philosophy, law, values, religion, higher education, divination, children, parenting, expansion)
  • ♄ = Saturn (duty, principles, subtraction, reality, commitment, firmness, rigidity, negativity, boundaries, limits, fears, time, labor, laborers, old age, decay, excess cold, skepticism, the scientific method)
  • ♅ = Uranus (uniqueness, eccentricity, rebels, revolution, electricity, genius, oddball, sudden upheaval, on-again-off-again, Prometheus)
  • ♆ = Neptune (unifying, dissolving, melting, formless, bliss, spiritual ecstasy, delusion, illusions, escapism, compulsions, compassion, inspiration, confusion, misdirection, divine love)
  • ⯓ = Pluto (power, sacred, profane, cataclysm, hidden depths, destruction, annihilation, rebirth, putrefaction, purification, revelation, judgement, atonement, volcanoes, mines, phoenix)
  • ☊ = Rahu/North Node (up, increase, heights, high places, hunger, greed, bottomless passions, mega-wealth, science fiction, aliens, foreign things, speculation, the future)
  • ☋ = Ketu/South Node (down, decrease, depths, low places, apathy, renunciation, poverty, material loss, spiritual liberation, magic, occultism, ancestors, history, the past)
= Pluto (image description: a full circle which is nested inside an open half-circle with a cross below it.)

The Zodiac Signs and Their Symbols:

  • ♈︎ = Aries (initiation, action, youth, impulse, challenger, seeker, observant, courageous, contrarian, first to volunteer, crusader, stands for something, speaks up, sassy, play-fighting, butting heads, rule-breaking, forthright, blunt, brash, dissident, heretic, lighting a spark in the dark, the best defense is a good offense, first responder, creator, pioneer)
  • ♉︎ = Taurus (reserved, steady, skeptical, tasteful, cultivating, tactile, sensory, stagnant, fragrance, perfume, comfort, investment, indulgence, equity, construction, collection, gardeners, farmers, bankers, hoarders, wine makers, curators, bodegas, beauticians, geologists, Shrek being peaceful & gross in his swamp with all his little trinkets)
  • ♊︎ = Gemini (versatile, curious, changeable, mirroring, reflecting, collecting, mutating, multifaceted, ephemeral, hard to pin down, noncommittal, ambiguous, vague, vacillating, trivia, gossip, fun facts, journalists, orators, public relations, linguists, train conductors, bus drivers, taxi drivers, postal workers, radio hosts, Jack of All Trades)
  • ♋︎ = Cancer (private, guarded, porous, nurturing, sentimental, reflective, nostalgic, moody, indirect, meandering, fluctuating, flowing, intuitive, compassionate, sincere, defensive, Caretakers (such as for a museum, garden, child, pet, or elder), recursive, connection, comfort, the tides, the beach, bedrooms, rivers)
  • ♌︎ = Leo (shine, prominence, loyalty, radiance, creativity, self-centered, warmth, encouragement, confidence, insecurity, depressive, courageous, conceit, arrogance, tyranny, juvenile, bratty, Cheerleader/Hype man, individuality, inner child, performance, drama, royalty, celebrity)
  • ♍︎ = Virgo (conceptual, curious, pondering, noticing, chaotic, keenly aware, self-contradictory, elegant, discerning, tweaking, optimizing, tunnel vision, librarian, archivist, behind-the-scenes work, the person who feeds the local stray cats, the friend who tells you when you deserve better but struggles to take their own advice)
  • ♎︎ = Libra (weighing, judging, measuring, relationships, rationality, doubt, skepticism, courtesy, mediation, fairness, diplomacy, tact, harmony, aesthetics, luxury, conceptual, architectural, formal, provocative, playful, inviting, persuasive, shrewd, judicial, lawyers, ambassadors, hairdressers, make-up artists, interior designers, politicians, pick-up artists, shills, marriage counselors, advocates, activists, artists, taste-makers, icons)
  • ♏︎ = Scorpio (deep, craving, longing, piercing, penetrating, vulnerable, soft, sacred, scared, protective, defensive, tender, cautious, restrained, (re)searching, investigating, independent, expressing, erupting, probing, regenerating, the best offense is a good defense, detectives, snipers, psychologists)
  • ♐︎ = Sagittarius (versatile, sincere, curious, hopeful, quick-witted, sharp-tongued, truth-seeking, risk-taking, exploring, searching, pondering, yearning, targeting, the circus, the zoo, menageries, horizons, preachers, professors, clowns, philosophers, jesters, dreamers, energy-workers, massage therapists, teachers)
  • ♑︎ = Capricorn (conserving, dry, witty, mischievous, roguish, whimsical, rebellious, awkward, protective, proactive, quaint, quirky, judgmental, scheming, frank, curt, gruff, aspiring, enterprising, onerous, stiff, environmentalist, principled, dutiful, restrained, repairing)
  • ♒︎ = Aquarius (reforming, analyzing, groundbreaking, correcting, exacting, preserving, studying, informing, distinctive, curious, particular, intense, awkward, esoteric, private, thoughtful, responsible, newfangled, experimental, cliquey, electricians, plumbers, legislators, writers, performers, technicians, video game designers, fundamentalists, extremists, inventors, professors (mad scientist-flavored), pilots, air stewards, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers)
  • ♓︎ = Pisces (musical, ambitious, utopian, invested, giving, embracing, miraculous, risk-taking, holistic, intuitive, contemplative, managers, supervisors, dancers, photographers, hermits, misanthropes, the cinema)

The 12 Houses and their Meanings:

  • House 1 = the Self, beginnings, birth, visibility, tangible things, the mind, personality, appearance, persona, identity, self-image, vitality, health, personal style, attitudes, mannerisms, appearance, life path, the Head, Brain, Face, Skull, Personality, General Appearance and Mannerisms
  • House 2 = resources, stability, security, family, self-esteem, self-worth, values & valuable things, possessions, accumulation, assimilation, talents, knowledge, personal finances, wealth, the Mouth, Voice, Throat
  • House 3 = friendly peers, sibling, local community, neighbors, short-distance travel or exploration, day trips, vehicles, writing, collective role-play and storytelling (LARP, TTRPGs, D&D), communication, skills, abilities, early education, daily rituals, tarot, cartomancy, dice, lunar magic, witchcraft, land-based deities, the Arms, Shoulders, Hands
  • House 4 = home, family, chosen family, roots, lineage, inherited abilities and traits, breath work, origin, foundation, basis, comforts, subterranean, basements, underground, private, shy, sanctuary, inner self, love, the Breasts, Chest, Lungs, Stomach
  • House 5 = fun, pleasure, games, play, creative pursuits, leisure, romance, sex, gambling, children, learning, intelligence, art, music, spontaneous sexuality, the Heart, Spine, Liver
  • House 6 = routines, chores, work, labor, unions, employees, obstacles, debts, digestion, assimilation, pets, maintenance, workplace, co-workers, lawsuits, health issues, the Digestive System, Large Intestine, Colon
  • House 7 = the Other, partnerships, relationships, contracts, one-on-one interactions, close friendships, commitment, projection & being projected onto, business & business partners, marriage, open enemies, exes, nemesis, exile, endings, the Lower Back, External Genitals, Renal System, Kidneys
  • House 8 = death, regeneration, healing, transformation, legacies, inheritances, shared resources, other people’s money, loans, the resources of a business partner or marriage partner, negotiated intimacy, negotiated sexuality, kink play, secrets, occult practices, taboos, mediums, near-death experiences, seances, alchemy, transmutation, kundalini, tantrik practices, the Pelvis, Internal Genitals/Reproductive System, Excretory System, Bladder, Anus
  • House 9 = knowledge, advanced education, law, philosophy, ethics, morality, long-distance travel or exploration, cross-cultural exchange, wisdom, publishing, religion, spirituality, gurus, the search for moral/ethical/spiritual authority, the search for “higher” truths, prophecy, astrology, divination, solar magic, sky-based deities, the Hips, Thighs, Knees, Buttocks
  • House 10 = public, reputation, achievement, recognition, dedication, determination, advancement, structure, heights, status, vocation, life’s work, maturity, expertise, experience, authority, contributions to the whole, the Skin, Bones, Hair, Cartilage, Joints
  • House 11 = friends, social circle, networks, allies, groups, clubs, community, luck, blessings, good fortune, hopes and wishes, long-term goals and desires, collective awareness, the Calves, Shins, Ankles, Circulatory System
  • House 12 = endings, closure, solitude, spiritual retreat, ashrams, hidden things, invisible things, mind-altering pleasures, video games, drugs, alcohol, transcendent sexuality, prayer, meditation, transcendent spirituality, mysteries, dreams, sleep, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, astral travel, UFOs, collective unconscious, limiting beliefs, unconsciously inherited beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions, escapism, the Feet, Lymphatic System

How to Interpret the Dice for Questions:

Here’s where we get to the synthesis part. We get to ask a question, roll the dice, and put the three symbols together! I’m going to include multiple example questions for the same dice roll, so that we can see how our interpretation needs to change with the question.

Example Question: If I try out for the local musical, will I get the part?

Example Answer: Saturn in Leo in 2nd House

Here’s an answer that reveals to you something deeper about the question…Saturn, planet of skepticism, limits, fears, and responsibility is playing the role of Leo, the performer and dramatist, in the 2nd House of resources, self-worth, talent, and voice. We can imagine that the questioner is unsure whether their vocal abilities are good enough, whether they are experienced enough to land the role, or whether they can commit fully to the part.

However, Saturn will also help us figure out the answer–and with Saturn, the suggested method is to be objective instead of relying solely on your fearful or desired self-image. Have you ever been in a musical before? How often do you sing? Do you put in a lot of hours? If yes, then you’ve likely put in the work necessary to get you the part. Or is singing more of an occasional hobby for you? Is this your first time trying out? Are you unsure whether you can put in enough time if you do get the part? Then it might be prudent to wait until you’re better prepared and able to dedicate yourself to it!

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  1. Thanks for updating the signs. I’m making a small bag for my dice, and a zine to use as reference and reflection guide.

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