Astrology of the Week: 11/25-12/01

Recent Past: We’re currently in a lovely period of getting out of the status quo-breaking turmoil of Scorpio/Taurus eclipse season and moving into rekindling hope, dreaming big, and taking action as the personal planets dance along the Sagittarius/Gemini axis 🎭

On Wednesday 11/23 we had a New Moon in Sagittarius the day after the Sun entered the sign, and Sag’s planetary ruler, Jupiter (currently in its other home sign, Pisces), switched from retrograde to forward motion about 15 mins after the exact New Moon 🍑

New Moons are a great time to plant new seeds, form ideas, & start projects in the sign they occur in, so with Sagittarius, that’s the realm of getting curious, seeking knowledge, exploring pleasure, entertaining new philosophies, and traveling to distant shores (physically, mentally, or spiritually) ⛵️

Any fresh endeavors we want to begin in the Sagittarius house of our charts will benefit from the boost of Jupiter moving forward in visionary Pisces, encouraging us to take a bold first step toward whatever wild dreams have been brewing in our heads 🚀

Friday 11/25–Sat 11/26: The waxing Moon in Capricorn will help us take a practical, decisive initial move toward whatever scheme we’re currently concocting. However, the Moon makes an irritating connection to Uranus and Rahu—we might find our instincts are a little uncomfortable with the audacity of the actions we need to take to propel forward. Take it slow; we’re climbing a mountain, not jumping off a cliff 🏔

Sun 11/27-Mon 11/28: The waxing Moon in Aquarius will have us hovering back to reconsider how we feel about having taken this first step. Are we sensing something that needs to be re-aligned on this course of action? Aspects of the envisioned path may need to be let go of completely, or just pruned down a little. Mars retrograde has been backing that ass up into a sweet little trine with taciturn Saturn in Aquarius, which perfects Monday; it will help us snip off the excess foliage. ✂️

Tue 11/29–Wed 11/30: Clarity on how to achieve our ideal vision will take shape as Mercury and Venus oppose Mars (still retrograde in Gemini), giving us a birds-eye perspective about the types of action that will be necessary to harmonize what feels logical with what feels pleasurable. The First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Wednesday will help us turn the corner and re-draw our vision boards to vibe with these new insights 🦅

Thu 12/01-Fri 12/02: The clay of our desires is whittled and wheeled into a more refined shape as the First Quarter Moon in Pisces flies by Neptune and Jupiter in the last few degrees, stopping just long enough to swap a few juicy smooches of inspiration and renewed faith, before shooting forth into the firecracker home of Aries. Get ready to fire the pottery! 💋

The Waxing Gibbous Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars in Gemini, who is just barely separating from their little tango with Saturn on Monday. This was the second pass of the exact Mars-Saturn trine, which had its first go around September 28, 2022, but it was Saturn who was retrograde instead of Mars. Moves that that we made around then are being revisited right now, but this time we’ll gather more refined insights on how to sway the situation toward our desired outcome. 💃🏽

In the Long Run: Keep an eye on whatever actions are developing in conceptual, intellectual arenas right now; they’ll shift and take on a distinctly more tangible, emotional flavor by the end of March 2023. This is when the next Mars-Saturn trine takes place, after Mars begins to move forward again—but with a twist. Both Mars and Saturn will have shifted from air signs into into water signs! Saturn will be taking its first dip into in Jupiter’s dreamy domicile of Pisces, while Mars will be scuttling through the shifting shores of protective Cancer. 🌊

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