Astrology of the Week: 12/02-12/08

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Recent Past: this week’s Mercury and Venus oppositions with Mars retrograde may have seen words flying as our thoughts volleyed against the realities of action, and the pursuit of pleasure bounced off the walls of discomfort & planning required for long-term gains 🎾

first steps may have been taken and reviewed during the weekend’s Capricorn and Aquarius moons (both signs ruled by Saturn, the planet of concrete action, who has been trine Mars rx all week). plans may have been revised and reformulated. if you haven’t been able to start anything yet, worry not—we’re still in the waxing (growing) phase of the moon cycle for the next few days 😉

Fri 12/02-Sat 12/03: our weekend starts off with a spicy waxing gibbous Moon in Aries, ready to light some fireworks as it passes through encouraging trines with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Sagittarius. take some time to let loose and have fun—chasing enjoyment can teach you just as much as getting work done 🕺🏽

on Saturday morning, the Moon will re-activate last week’s Mars rx-Saturn trine by waving a saucy sextile hello to both of them (from the midpoint between the ends of the trine). hazy Neptune, planet of dreams, inspiration, mystery, and illusions, switches from retrograde to forward movement, just in time to perfect a tense frisson with Venus, patroness of art, harmony, and relationships. let your curious mind guide you toward inspired action. put yourself out there, share your vision, and show others what you really want 📍

Sun 12/04-Mon 12/05: the waxing gibbous Moon in Taurus provides an opportunity to dig our heels into the dirt and really make room in our garden—is there anything that still needs to be weeded out? Are we adequately watering the seeds we want to grow? 🌱

Last week’s uncomfortable Moon-Uranus/Rahu connection is re-activated by Mercury and Venus—if we have tangled with our fear of audacity since then, now is the time speak up. Mercury in Sagittarius makes a square to Jupiter, whose home they are currently traversing. Be steady and blunt as you vocalize the things you desire—you may find that others receive your honesty in surprising ways 🫣

Tue 12/06-Wed 12/07: The waxing phase reaches its culmination as the Moon enters Gemini. Shortly thereafter, Gemini’s manager, Mercury, leaves Jupiter’s warm lecture hall of Sagittarius to enter Saturn’s stony lighthouse of Capricorn. Whatever we’ve been theorizing and debating about ? it’s about to be put to test in the field—is it ready to withstand the crashing waves? Only one way to find out 🌊

Wednesday evening (20:09 PST) hosts the Full Moon in Gemini with the Moon exactly conjunct Mars rx. The orchestra reaches a crescendo, the bell tower rings, and you can hear the Greek choir swell up (whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy is up to you) as a path is illuminated in your Gemini house. Everything you’ve been working and reworking since August 20, 2022 suddenly clicks into place, and your way forward becomes clear to you 🛤

Thu 12/08: the Moon spends most of the day in Gemini, finishing out the revelations of whatever has been realized. as she opposes Venus, we might get too worked up in the frenzy of renewed desire—make time for quiet moments to catch your breath 🌬

at the end of the day, after all the excitement of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, Luna retires to her home sign of Cancer to exhale into the salty sea air, where she begins to oppose Mercury. We’ll want to take a moment to return to our shells and process what we have learned—let your feelings about the situation speak to you. Consider journaling, singing, or making music to help melt into some relaxation 🦀

In the Long Run: the fun flirty Sag lightning in the sky begins to wind down as Venus enters earthy Capricorn, followed by the Sun two weeks later. however, we won’t be totally bereft of fire—just in time for the Winter Solstice, Jupiter says goodbye to its watery home sauna of Pisces for the next 12 years, and brings forth a hot cosmic spring as it returns to Aries, the scorched battlefield of Mars 🪓

Our ideas and philosophies will undergo a revolutionary rebirth in ways that have already been gestating since earlier this year, when Jupiter took its first plunge into Aries. However, this time, we have the drive and courage to follow through on the Big Bang we’ve been hoping for 💥

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