Astrology of the Week: 12/09-12/15

background: typewriter surrounded by desk plants, image by Shelby Miller via Unsplash, edited on Canva

Recent Past: Think back to what you were starting around October of 2021. This is when the Sun-Mars synodic cycle began anew with a Sun-Mars “new moon” (a conjunction joined by Mercury retrograde) in the sign of Libra, under the oversight of a fiery Sagittarius Venus conjunct Ketu, the South Node. We may have gone back to re-explore a passion or connection that had come fleeting through our life, choosing to give it a second go around.

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Gemini coincided with the “full moon” of the Sun-Mars cycle, with the Sun now taking Venus’s place in Sagittarius and Mars retrograde trining its original location, while in Mercury’s sign. Whatever you started back in October 2021 will have reached (or will soon be reaching) the peak of its illumination, revealing to you whether this re-exploration yielded fruitful results or not.

Perhaps you’ll have discovered that the passion or connection is indeed, everything that you used to ponder and long for. Or perhaps you’ll have learned that it was fun while it lasted, but you’d rather make room for something (or someone) else going forward. Either way, the wisdom of the Sagittarius-Gemini axis says that time is never wasted upon exploration; there is always precious insight to be gained, if we are curious enough to seek it.

Fri 12/09-Sat 12/10: the mood is still coming down from the electric charge of the Gemini Full Moon / Sun opposite Mars, and we may feel inclined to be more reserved about our words (especially if verbal disputes have been had) as Venus waltzes into dignified, recalcitrant Capricorn 💅

the Moon lounges in Cancer until Sunday morning, so weekend plans will tend toward solo time or cozying up with people we consider as part of our inner circle. take some time to indulge in a little treat (i’ll be doing hot apple cider spiced with cinnamon & cardamom) and reflect about your dreams for the future ☁️

Sun 12/11-Mon 12/12: the Moon enters Leo midday Sunday, shifting our focus from reflection to expression. some dreams can be kept in our heads (for now), but others need their time in the sun! ☀️

Mercury, lady of handsy crafts, makes a creative quintile to artsy queen Neptune while curious Mars rx quintiles fruitful Jupiter—if there’s a project you’ve wanted to create (paint, draw, bake, build, write, whittle, etc.), this is a wonderful time to track down the tools needed to make it happen 📐

Tue 12/13-Wed 12/14: the Sun and Neptune exchange heated glances as Mercury makes a sneaky phone call to gossip with the Sun, giving us a moment to connect the dots about whether our dreams and actions will be ready to align once the Sun enters Capricorn next week 🧮

if there’s still something that looks iffy, Wednesday’s disseminating Moon in Virgo can help us find the wisdom to refine and optimize our visions. sometimes that means flipping the hourglass to give ourselves more time! ⏳

Thu 12/15: the Moon rounds out her stay in Virgo with a voluptuous Grand Trine to Mercury in Capricorn and Rahu/Uranus in Taurus. entering the last quarter phase, Luna asks us to clear out the thoughts that bind us and embrace the empty state of mind that is necessary before creation can take place ⚫️

the day ends with a Moon-Neptune opposition t-squaring the Sun in Sagittarius, who has now been secretly gossiping with Venus in Capricorn. we may be pleased to find that our hopes and wishes (which formerly seemed out of reach) are forming a tangible path to materialize in the real world 🪡

In the Long Run: The next turning point in the Sun-Mars cycle will come at the “third quarter” phase of the Sun-Mars square around March 16, 2023. Mars (now moving forward) will be taking her final run through the last ten degrees of Gemini, almost out of the retrograde shadow degrees. The Sun in Pisces will be conjunct Neptune and Mercury, who is still Mars’s host while she traverses Gemini. Expect to still be processing and digesting the lessons of the current week, in some form or another, until this time, when we will finally see the first breath of integration and release.

Simultaneously, Venus in Aries will square Pluto at the tail end of Capricorn, a mere week before Pluto takes its first tentative leap into Aquarius, where it will spend the better part of the next two decades. This Venus will be at 29° Aries, opposite the point of the Sun-Venus initiatory cazimi in Libra that took place around October 22, 2022. This moment may serve as a severing from our entrenched Self-Other power dynamics of the past, struggling to assert the way we want to love and be loved going forward (whether that be familially, platonically, romantically, intellectually, sensually, erotically, or however relational dynamics appear in your life).

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