Oracle/Tarot Video: Hero(ine)’s Journey – Your Current Story Arc

i recorded this tarot pick-a-card reading back in November, but due to various mishaps and editing issues, it was in limbo for 6 months 😅 but I FINISHED IT eventually, so it’s all good

also, please excuse the kitten in the beginning–i was fostering her during the fall/winter months and she was a little cuddle monster (she has since been adopted 💖)

Time Stamps
Intro 00:00
Pick A Group 01:34
Pile 1 intro + shuffling 02:40
Pile 1 reading starts 05:18
Pile 2 intro + shuffling 28:25
Pile 2 reading starts 30:53
Pile 3 intro + shuffling 47:11
Pile 3 reading starts 49:56

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