how does divination work?

it is a kind of divination in and of itself to seek answers— it tells you that you are the kind of person who seeks answers. that you are, perhaps, enchanted by the realm of mystery, but still vexed enough by the veil to peek behind its tantalizing haze. when we ask a question, we embrace the space of void – the realm between knowing and not knowing, where a terrifying chasm of uncertainty opens up 🕳️

divination requires both the fortitude to peer into the chasm, as well as the madness to dive inside it and discover what lies at the bottom

more often than we might like to admit, we are aware of what lies at the bottom. not necessarily a conscious awareness – more subtly aware, like when you learn a new word or concept and then suddenly begin to notice it all around you. the new bite of knowledge already existed in the world around you, but it only became a part of your reality once you were made aware of it 👁️

divination will not reveal something that does not (or cannot potentially) already exist

in the same way, we might think of divination as a form of epiphany, an uncovering of that which has, until the moment of asking, remained unperceived. just because we did not seek it, does not mean it did not yet exist. it simply hadn’t been divulged unto our conscious minds yet 🌞

divination is an alerting

the word “Apocalipsis” means revelation (literally, Ancient Greek apó “away” + kalúpto “veil”). when the cover of ignorance is lifted from our mind, it can feel like an Apocalypse, in its modern connotation of catastrophe. and indeed, receiving clarity where there was once nebulous uncertainty can be a shock! the endless streams of possibilities are immolated like a forest experiencing volcanic eruption, leaving one lonely tree behind—an “answer” 🌋

it can be profound and spine-chilling to witness this devastating act of divine disclosure, especially if the answer we receive is not the one we desired

however, much like the destroyed forest, reality always, always contains the possibility of regeneration. the singular tree may drop its seeds, scattering them to the wind. we possess powerful seeds—our free will. if the single tree terrifies you, plant a new seed. tend it. water it. growing a new future takes love and care and time and patience, but be not afraid – the forest can always be regrown 🌱

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