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Curious about what the planets have to say about you? Are you interested in hearing about your natural strengths, recurring challenges, and the funny coincidences through which you experience the world?

This is the place to get a thorough overview on the flavor of your being, discussing multiple cosmic threads and the patterns they weave!

We all grow up in a myriad of different circumstances of birth and upbringing, with the experience of being pegged into numerous external boxes that may or may not reflect your internal world.  I aim to offer you a re-framing of the lenses through which you view yourself and your own reality, coming from a place that combines compassionate mysticism with rational practicality.

These readings require a birth date, place, and time*

*I can still read for you without a birth time! If you can get your birth time from a birth certificate, that is strongly preferred to ensure maximum accuracy. Birth time from memory of someone who was there at the birth is also great (though human memory can be wobbly). If you can get a birth time, I can offer greater specificity about when specific changes may happen.

Structure of the Reading (65 mins): Let’s zoom out to explore the wider context of your natal chart! We start by having you tell me a little bit about which areas of life are capturing your attention, and then I dialogue with you about what your chart suggests in terms of strengths, challenges, potentials, and timings. I will discuss the movements of the Outer Planet transits (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and the North/South Nodes aka Rahu/Ketu), and then provide more specific focus areas using upcoming Inner Planet transits.

[Astrology Style: I use an eclectic collection of astrological principles derived from my studies of Hellenistic, Vedic, and Modern psychological/humanistic astrology.]

Calls will be conducted via Zoom.

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